‘Succession’: Kendall’s daughter just posted the perfect tweet about Logan’s funeral

We may not have seen much of Kendall’s children this season, but that’s probably because Kendall himself (Jeremy Strong) hasn’t seen much of his children this season. Aside from popping up occasionally to yell at his ex-wife Rava (Natalie Gold), he’s mostly been obsessing over work.

Despite not getting much screen-time, though, Sophie Roy (Sway Bhatia) and Iverson Roy (Quentin Morales) have still been involved, with their mother making the decision in episode nine not to take them to their grandfather’s funeral due to the riots taking place in the city.

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In the show, this is a decision Kendall isn’t at all happy with. But judging by Bhatia’s Twitter post on Monday, the kids clearly don’t feel the same way.

«We heading out of the city,» Bhatia wrote, «Mom said we can’t go to the funeral 🤣».

Tweet may have been deleted
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Adorable. Here’s what their mother had to say in response.

Tweet may have been deleted
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Will Kendall’s kids feature in the finale? Tricky to say, but judging by Kendall’s deepening obsession with Waystar and Waystar only (plus the fact he might even be jetting off to the Caribbean), we’d probably guess no.

The series finale of Succession airs May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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