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In beige the one I have, and it is perfect both to wear it from young people, women and men, since it is a fairly neutral color.

Also perfect size 42 x31 x 13cm.

LARKSON BACKPACK: On the outside, we have handles to carry it on the back, padded and really comfortable, and a handle on the top.

It does not have lumbar reinforcements.

We find two pockets on the sides, for objects of little volume and of continuous use to keep it close at hand.

In the front, a pocket that occupies half a backpack, this one already with a zipper so that we do not miss anything.

In the main compartment, we have a specific hole to carry a laptop up to 15.6 «, it also has a velcro closure so that it does not come off easily.

In the part that we open the backpack, it has another small zippered pocket for small objects or the laptop charger itself.

It is made of a water repellent fabric, which is great for when you get caught on an unexpected rainy day.

It is made with recycled plastic, and I like this, since it is respectful with the planet.


Larkson Backpack Samll Beige 15.6 pulgadas
  • HIGH QUALITY EVERYTHING BACKPACK – Designed in Hamburg, used all over the world. Whether for cycling, sports or business, the LARKSON No 6 backpack is the ideal companion.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL – For a green future: The backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles. We use a PFC-free medium for impregnation to prevent contaminants from entering the environment
    Closure: Button.


  • PERFECT LAPTOP BACKPACK: A padded laptop compartment (up to 15.6 «inches) protects your laptop or iPad. The small front compartment is ideal for quick storage. An elastic side pocket also provides space for a bottle or umbrella.
  • GREAT WEARING COMFORT: Padded mesh shoulder straps are breathable and ergonomically shaped. The handle can be combined with a push button.
  • Compartimento acolchado para tu portátil, (hasta 15,6 pulgadas)
  • IDEAL SIZE: The small backpack is suitable for women and men, as well as a school backpack for girls and boys or teenagers. Dimensions: 39 high x 28.5 wide x 13 cm deep; Volume: 15 liters.
Mochila Larkson Pequeña

  • Soft padded shoulder straps. Dimensions: 42 cm high x 31 cm wide x 13 cm deep.
  • Water repellent thanks to impregnation.
  • Numerous compartments for perfect organization.
  • Padded laptop compartment for devices up to 15.6 inches.
  • Modern practical design.
  • Precio recomendado: 50,00€ Oferta Top: 30,99€



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Menos de 539 gramos


39 alto x 28,5 ancho x 13 cm profundo


Volumen: 15 litros

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