Lego’s new Mars Rover Perseverance is ready for a new mission

Space enthusiasts can soon boast their very own mini Mars Rover. LEGO Technic has unveiled a new NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model.

The space-themed product has been designed to «encourage children to learn more about engineering,» according to the company’s press release.

Credit: LEGO

When fully assembled, the model features 360-degree steering and a moveable arm; it’s also accompanied with a mission companion Ingenuity Helicopter – mirroring the real Mars Rover. There’s also a normal driving mode available.

Credit: LEGO

An augmented reality app will provide fans with a digital experience, too. Scanning the Technic AR mobile app will display educational content about the real-life vehicle, NASA missions on Mars, and even the current weather conditions on the planet.

Available from the Lego website and set at $100, the 1,132-piece set will be ready to ship on June 1.

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